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Giraffe Time Docs

Inviting the Bot

Use this invite link to invite the bot to your server!


Command Usage Description Aliases Requires Admin
/help /help List commands and usage [/add, /add_role] ✔️
/role_add /role_add <role> If the role exists, add it to the list of self-assignable roles. Otherwise create a self-assignable role. [/add, /add_role] ✔️
/role_remove /role_remove <role> Remove a role from the list of self-assignables. Does not delete the role. [/remove, /remove_role] ✔️
/start_new_season /start_new_season Remove roles from all [/start_new_semester] ✔️
/role_join /role_join <role> Join a self-assignable role [/join]
/role_leave /role_leave <role> Leave a self-assignable role [/leave]
/list_roles /list_roles List all self-assignables roles [/list, /roles]
/remind /remind <role> <time> <message> Set a reminder [/create_reminder] ✔️
/delete_reminder /delete_reminder <reminder_id> Delete a reminder [/delete_reminder] ✔️
/list_reminders /list_reminders List all reminders   ✔️
/clear /clear Clear chat [/prune, /purge] ✔️
/set_timeout /set_timeout <timeout> Change timeout setting   ✔️
/remove_caller /remove_caller <boolean> Change remove caller setting   ✔️
/create_missing_role /create_missing_role <boolean> Change create missing role setting   ✔️